Logan-McPherson County Line Ranch

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Property Summary

Location: The Logan McPherson County Line Ranch is located in the heart of the Sandhills between Highway 97 and US Hwy 83, specifically located 13 miles North of Ringgold, Nebraska. The Ringgold road is a county oil mat road that has been well maintained providing this property excellent access. There is a short three mile drive from the oil mat road via county maintained sandhills road to the building site. This access is basically a private county maintained driveway!

Ringgold, Nebraska is an unincorporated village. Tryon is the county seat of McPherson County and Stapleton is the County seat of Logan County. The ranch is located in the Stapleton school district which has a K-12 school and limited services (post office, grocery, restaurant, gas, church). The ranch is approximately one hour North of North Platte, Nebraska. North Platte is the regional hub providing all services including an excellent hospital and commercial airport with daily flights to Denver.

Description: Logan McPherson County Ranch is comprised of 6,112.85 county deeded acres and a 640 acre school lease that expires December 31st, 2022. This is an all contiguous ranch that supports 2 center pivots for winter feed and spring calving protection. The building site is located in the central part of the ranch and consists of the main dwelling, a guest/tenant home, large storage building, work shop/ pole barn garage area, as well as the working corrals and pens. The home site is well protected with mature cedar wind breaks. This ranch has been operated by the current ownership since 1995.

The ranch consists of 13 pastures with most of the pastures containing two water sources. There are 23 water sites located throughout the ranch. Mostly consisting of windmill power, there are several wells that have been cased and could be converted to solar submersible wells. There are three wells that are already equipped with submersible/windmill combinations. There are six tanks that are located around the home site that are connected via pipeline including the only tank in the “School Section” pasture. Ample water and well located fence allows the opportunity for a sound rotational grazing operation.

The center pivot irrigation systems are both located in the Upper Loup NRD and subject to their rules and regulations. Currently there are no water use restrictions. The west pivot was installed in 2014 and has a 7 tower Zimmatic pivot with a John Deere diesel engine and 80 HP Amarillo pump. The East pivot has an 8 tower late model Reinke pivot with John Deere diesel engine and 50 HP Amarillo pump. Both pivot systems have upgraded sprinkler packages. Static and pumping water levels range from 40-70 feet.

NEBRASKA SANDHILLS: The ranch is located in the South Central region of the famed Nebraska Sandhills, known for one of the finest cattle producing regions in the United States. The Sandhills of Nebraska is the Nation’s largest undisturbed native grassland area. It covers approximately 13 million acres in 20 counties located in the north central part of the state. The grasses are vigorous and nutritious and have proven themselves as drought tolerant species centuries ago by supporting vast herds of Buffalo.

OGALLALA AQUIFER: The Sandhills of Nebraska also sits on top of the largest fresh water aquifer in the continental U.S. Known as the Ogallala or High Plains Aquifer, it supports fresh water bearing material where this ranch is located in the range of 600’-800’ in depth. Stock wells and irrigation wells are generally considered shallow and abundant by comparison to other cattle producing regions in other states. Most of the stock wells on this ranch are 2-3 rods deep and in most cases can be pulled by hand to change leathers.

RAINFALL: The rainfall belt in the area and location of this ranch ranges from 17”-19” per year with the majority of it falling during the grass growing season. It is generally considered consistent and reliable to the extent that cattle sell downs because droughts are rare.

Livestock Markets: This ranch is located near some of the best livestock markets in the county. The North Platte Stockyards is back and has quickly established itself as one of the hottest barns in the state. Ogallala Livestock is a long established barn and sells annually thousands of reputation cattle through its various sales including special stock cow bred heifers, yearling, and calf sales. Many reputable video sales are available as well.

Broker Comments: This is a nice well blocked, all contiguous Nebraska Sandhills Ranch, well located in the South Central Part of the Sandhills. It is located in a good rainfall belt and in an area that reflects stable ownership, as few ranches change hands and are multi generational. This ranch has been well cared for and managed carefully for the past 26 years. This is evident as you look at the old healed blowouts and fences. This ranch has been in current owner operated hands since 1995 and has only been on the market one other time in the past 100 years.

FSA Info
222.09 deeded FSA Pivot Irrigated Acres. Approximately 22 FSA acres irrigated on School Lease.
264 Certified Irrigated acres in the Upper Loup NRD (includes acres on the School Section Lease)

Well Info
Both Irrigation wells located in Upper Loup NRD

West Pivot: G-170804
Drilled in 2014
Depth 300ft
1325 GPM
Static water 44’
Pumping Level 70’

East Pivot: G-000689
Drilled in 1956

Main Home: 1,488sq ft + 1488sqft basement partially finished. 3 conforming bedrooms. 1.5 bathroom
Detached 2 car garage. Workshop and attached pole building. Approximately 30’x70’. Building includes a nice lean-to grilling area.
Hired hand Home: 3 bed 1 bath 1,064 sqft +unfinished basement.
Metal Storage shed with dirt floor: approximately 50’x95’
Several utility outbuildings and barns.
Older wood barn used as a calving shed.

Approach to Management and Revenue:
The ranch resource has been analyzed for estimated carrying capacity relative to time, use and balance under what would be a typical use in a landlord posture. What follows are the ranch estimates of deeded acres and current real estate taxes; as well as estimates of land classes, carrying capacity, and AUMs of productivity under typical/average use. The ranch has been evaluated for annual carrying capacity as well as an estimate of landlord revenue generation on a summer grazing basis utilizing cow-calf pairs and selling the landlord share of meadow hay production. The limiting factor on this ranch is summer AUMs, however, irrigated pasture could be established under part of the center pivot irrigation acreage to increase the Spring/Summer/Fall AUMs.

Estimated acres by County Record, NRD Record, and Satellite Measurement. (Estimates and Acres do not account for the Board of Education Lands and Funds leased ground)

Center Pivot Irrigated= Hayed/Grazed 224 acres.
Sandhill Rangeland= Grazed 5,870 acres
Building Site and Lots= 18 acres
Total Estimated Acres by County Record 6,112.85±
Board of Education Land Funds Lease=640± (expires 12/31/22)

Landlord Revenue Estimate
224 Pivot Irrigated- Hayed 4 ton/acre= 896 tons @ 2.5 AUM/ton= 2,240 AUMs
(224) pivot irrigated- grazed 1 AUM/Acre= 224 AUMs
5,870 Sandhill Rangeland- Grazed @ .5 AUM/acre- 2,935 AUMs
6,094 acres= 5,400 AUMs
5,400 AUMs/12 months = 450 AUs or 13.5 acres/AU estimated
224 acres hayed 896 tons @ $90/ton/2 = $40,320 or $180/ac CE
224 AUMS/1 month/1.5 BWE= 150 pair X $55/pair = $8,250 or $37/ac CE
2,935 AUMs/5 months/ 1.5 BWE = 392 pair or 15 ac/pair
392 pair @$55/pair/month for 5 months = $107,800 or $18/ac CE
$ 156,370 Gross Income

($ 38,239) Real Estate Taxes
($ 12,000) R & R
($ 2,500) Misc
$ 103,631 Net Income to Landlord

Year Around Carrying Capacity Estimate
5,400 AUMs/12 months = 450 AU
Winter 2,240 AUMs/4months = 560 AUs
Spring/Summer/Fall 3,160 AUMs/8 Months = 395 AUs
450 AUs
360 Cows (cow calf, retaining replacements, bulls)
6,112 ac/450AU= 14 ac/AU
6,112 ac/360 Cows= 17 ac/cow

Showings by appointment only.

Taxes – Estimated $38,239.50

Legal Description: See brochure

Address: Ringgold, NE 69167
County: Logan and McPherson

Cheyenne County Wildlife

This is an incredible 841 acres of Nebraska wooded canyon ground.  The pictures do not lie!  The quality of mule deer and whitetail that have been harvested, mostly with archery, is something that you rarely see. Not to mention, the quality of elk that are on the property. We even bumped several sharp tailed grouse while surveying the land. The farm ground helps to attract game animals to the property.  There is an isolated 65 acre tract of dry crop, mostly seeded with alfalfa, that is a favorite forage for deer, elk, and wild turkey.

There is a submersible well that provides water to two tanks and a windmill that provides livestock water for another pasture.

The CRP acres provide magnificent habitat, not just for upland birds, but for deer and elk as well. The current CRP contracts expire September 30, 2021, and one contract expiring in 2035. The owner has re-applied for another CRP term. At the time of this publication, he has not received the 10 year CRP program renewal contract. We feel confident that the property will once again be approved for the program.  Copies of the CRP contracts and maps are available upon request.  Payments for the year ending September 30, 2021, will total $3,762.50.

There is a building that could be improved inexpensively as a cabin with all amenities.

The current Owners qualify for 2 landowner elk permits.

The pasture is leased for the 2021 grazing season for a total of $10,000.  $5,000 payable 1/2 May 15th and 1/2 October 15th.  The drycrop will either be a crop share or be customer farmed.  Contact the Broker for estimated income for the drycrop.

*A combination of FSA measured acres and Cheyenne County Assessors card.
C.R.P: 152.8±
Drycrop: 68.60±
Timbered Range: 615.48±
Site & Roads: 4.5±
Total: 841.38±

Legal Description
All in Township 17 North, Range 52 West of the 6 PM, Cheyenne County, Nebraska
Section 22: All
Section 27: NW1/4

Taxes – Estimated $4,217.94

Address: Potter, NE 69156
County: Cheyenne

Lyman Irrigated Farm

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Here is a very nice farm located in western Scotts Bluff county, South of Lyman.  The main home was built in 1999.  It is a double wide mobile home set on a poured foundation with an attached garage.  There is also an older home that is also livable, but used for storage, and several outbuildings including an older barn. The farm has 382 acres of Gering Ft. Laramie Irrigation District water. The cost on the water for 2021 is $12,319.50. The farm is watered by two 2016 Reinke pivots with end guns.  One waters 115 acres and the other one is 128 acres and both are electric powered. The balance of the irrigated is watered by a wheel line{80 acres} and 15 acres by gated pipe. There are 12 acres that are sub-irrigated. This is a very good farm, located in a good area with strong hay sales. Current owner specializes in hay production, with most of the farm in alfalfa or triticale.  Call Scott for more info and a showing.

Detailed information on hay sales is available for qualified buyers. 

Income Potential
243 acres of pivot irrigated @ 200/acre=$48,000
110 sideroll, and flood irrigated acres @ 180/acre=$19,800
100 acres of grass and small tracts to graze with houses and barns=$9,000
Total potential income: $76,800

370± Cropland
69± Grass, building sites, roads, irrigation canals
439.37± Total acres

Legal Description:
PT SE 35-22-58
NE SW, N1/2N1/2 SE SW 35-22-58
NW SW 35-22-58
PT SE NE PT NE SE 34-22-58
SW NW 35-22-58
SE NW 35-22-58
N1/2 NW 35-22-58

Taxes: 14,279.02

Address: Lyman, NE 69352
County: Scotts Bluff

Frontier County Drycrop and Range

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A special offering in Frontier County, Nebraska. This property has not been available for a number of years so don’t miss out on taking a look at this listing.

Frontier County Drycrop & Range is an excellent investment for the future. Good soils and productive grass, all come into play with this listing. You can buy the property as a whole for $1,900,000 or in separate tracts. Tract 1 for $560,123 and Tract 2 for $1,340 229.

The current 2021 cash lease tenant has leased both the drycrop and range for $50,000. The Buyer has the potential of obtaining all, or part of the 2021 lease, depending on the time of closing.

There is an old set of improvements that could be refurbished making a good living quarters and excellent upland bird and mule deer hunting across the entire property.

Price Breakdown
Tract 1

119.08    Dry crop Acres @ $1725/acre     = $205,413
354.71    Range Acres      @ $1000/acre     = $354,710

431.31 Dry crop Acres @ $1725/acre = $   744,009
596.22 Range Acres @ $1000/acre = $   596,220
$1,900,000 for both tracts

Tract 1: 7 miles South and 3 miles West of Curtis, NE
Tract 2: 10 miles South and 2 miles West of Curtis, NE

Legal Description
Frontier County, Nebraska:
Section 18: W½ SW¼
Section   2: 
Section 12:  S½ SE¼
Section 13:  N½; SE¼; E½ SW¼
Section 14:  E½ NE¼
Section 24:  NE¼; E½ NW¼
Section 35:  SE¼


Tract 1
119.08 Dry crop Acres
354.71 Range Acres
473.79 Total Taxable Acres

Tract 2
431.31 Dry crop Acres
596.22 Range Acres
1027.53 Total Taxable Acres

Taxes – Estimated

Tract 1: $4,416.40
Tract 2:

Estimated Potential Cash Lease Income

Tract 1
119.08 Dry crop Acres @ $50.00/acre = $  5,954
354.71 Range Acres @ $22.00/acre = $  8,513

Tract 2
431.31 Dry crop Acres @ $50.00/acre = $21,566
596.22 Range Acres @ $22.00/acre = $14,309

Address: Curtis, NE 69025
County: Frontier

Scotts Bluff County Irrigated Acreage and Development

This is a multi-purpose acreage with 47.73± acres.  The property could continue to be used for farming, leased for farming income, or it could easily be developed into residential acreage lots.  There is excellent access to the property, and it is close to Scottsbluff.  The Scottsbluff community is continually expanding, which could make this piece a nice investment.

Surface water rights (Pathfinder Irrigation District): $1,506.60 per year
2020 water usage: 113 acre feet, allotted 145.80 acre feet, utilized from June 27th-August 27th.

Taxes: $1,755.92

Address: Scottsbluff, NE 69361
County: Scotts Bluff

Logan County Pivots and Range

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This is a very productive farm and ranch combination unit that is well maintained.  The range land is cross fenced into five pastures, and there are three windmills on three of the tanks.  The remaining stock wells are supplied with underground piping with 2 submersible wells.  This property is located in a very desirable ground water area.  The ground water is shallow, which keeps pumping costs to a minimum.  There is the possibility of developing more pivots.  To do so, an application would need to be completed with the Upper Loup N.R.D.  Please contact the broker for additional details.

There have been excellent tenants in the past, and the current tenants would be glad to continue farming and renting the range land.  The current Owners are progressive investors with an agricultural background.  They understand how important it is to be good stewards of the land by maintaining fences, pivots, and wells.  As a result, this farm and ranch is high quality and very productive.

Sandhills range:1,256.17±
Pivot irrigated:479.82±
Drycrop: 43.11±
Roads: 7.27±
Total: 1,786.37±

Taxes – Estimated $23,271.56

Estimated Potential Rental Income
Crop $109,440.00
Range $53,281.00
Stock Rental $10,000.00
Gross Income $172,721.00
Pivot Insurance (6,331.00)
Liability Insurance (2,000.00)
Real Estate Taxes (23,271.50)
Pivot Maintenance (4,000.00)
Fence Maintenance (1,000.00)
Estimated Net Income $136,118.50
Return on Investment 3%

FSA Information
Wheat 94.6 base | 31.0 yield

Corn 291.12 base | 145.0 yield

Grain Sorghum 8.08 base | 48.0 yield

Certified Irrigated Acres = 494 Acres Total
Section 13, Township 17, Range 29 = 190 Acres
Section 14, Township 17, Range 29 = 130 Acres
Section 23, Township 17, Range 29 =   20 Acres
Section 24, Township 17, Range 29 = 154 Acres

Well Information:
Date Drilled 9/2003
GPM 1,000
Static 48′
Pumping Level 120
Well Depth 300

Date Drilled 02/19/2014
GPM 800
Static 57′
Pumping Level 120
Well Depth 260

Date Drilled 02/17/2014
GPM 450
Static 54′
Pumping Level 120
Well Depth 260

Date Drilled 06/06/2013
GPM 850
Static 52′
Pumping Level 160
Well Depth 300

1.  2003 Valley Pivot 100 HP High Efficiency Electric Motor
2.  2013 Zimmatic Pivot 25 HP Submersible
3.  2013 Zimmatic Pivot 60 HP Submersible
4.  2013 Zimmatic Pivot 75 HP Submersible

Address: Stapleton, NE 69163
County: Logan

Frontier County CRP and Canyon Pasture

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This is a unique tract of Frontier County land.  There is 1 windmill with a tank and 2 stock ponds that supply water for grazing cattle.  There are 3 CRP fields with good annual income that is in effect until 2023 and 2024.  This land is a haven for wildlife.  Trophy mule and whitetail deer have been harvested from this property.  Pheasant, quail, and dove are in abundance, along with wild turkeys.  There are also some elk on the property.  This would make an excellent hunter’s paradise.

Estimated Cash Lease Income
449.9 Canyon Range@ $20.00 Per Acre=  $8,998.00
48.3 CRP Acres @ $78.00 Per Acre =  $3,767.40
Total Gross Income  $12,765.40
Insurance    (1,200.00)
Fencing Materials        (500.00)
Maintenance of Mills        (500.00)
Real Estate Taxes    (4,625.00)
Net Income    $5,940.40

Total: 524.11±

Legal Description
Part of Section 33, Township 8 North, Range 30 West of the 6th P.M., Frontier County, Nebraska

Taxes – Estimated $4,625.00

Address: Maywood, NE 69038
County: Frontier

State Farm Road Acreage

This is a great acreage located 10-15 minutes from downtown North Platte.  This property consists of approximately 83± acres.  The range land is perfect to run horses or other livestock, while the 26± acres of dryland could provide winter feed.  The land is also located in an excellent ground water area.  This would be a great place to build a home as it has excellent access, and power is close by.  This property is zoned agricultural. The East estimated 58± acres is currently under contract.  There will be a 40’ lane from State Farm Road to the 58± acres.  The line between sites will be fenced at the Owners expense.

Estimated Acres:
Drycrop: 26±
Total: 83.08±

Estimated Taxes: $1,000

Address: North Platte, NE 69101
County: Lincoln

Farnam Half Section Absolute Auction

ABSOLUTE AUCTION December 8, 2020 at 1:30 P.M.
Auction will be held at the Nebraska Salt and Grain Conference Center | 520 10th St., Gothenburg, NE

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Here is your chance to own a quality non-irrigated farm close to the town of Farnam, Nebraska. This farm is located just 3 miles North of Farnam. Excellent county road on 3 sides makes this farm easy to access.   Road 755 creates the North boundary with 408 drive on the West and Road 409 on the East. This farm has several well established wind breaks on the North and West as well as around the building site. This property does have an older building site with many of the structures and home being deemed uninhabitable. Stock water is supplied by a well at the building site. There is also a stock dam with trees in the far southeast corner of the property that could provide additional livestock water as well as excellent wildlife habitat. The farmland consists of mostly class II, III and IV Coly, Holdrege, Hobbs, Hord and Coly silt loam soils. The farm is located next to excellent grain facilities in Farnam, Eustis and Gothenburg as well as local area feed yards including Hi-Gain. This property would make for an excellent starter farm or a great addition to the farm portfolio.

Seller: Monte Reynolds, Lawrence Ostendorf, Guardian

FSA Info
• 246± acres non irrigated cropland
• 45± acres grass
• 15 acres building site

Income Potential
• 246± drycrop acres @ $60/acre = $14,760
• 45± grass acres @ $30/acres = $1,350
• TOTAL Rent = $16,110

Legal Description:
Township 9-Range 25 West of the 6th P.M.
Section 7: E1/2

Taxes: $3,783.64

Address: Farnam, NE 69029
County: Dawson

Terms of Auction

Method of Sale: The sale of this property will be via an absolute auction.  Property will be offered as one Parcel.  The auctioneer will determine the bid increments.  The Auction date will be December 8th, 2020.

Payment: 20% deposit required day of auction with the signing of a Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers, Inc. purchase agreement. Certified or personal check accepted. The remaining 80% payment due at closing.

Possession: Full possession of the property will be given upon closing.

Financing: This sale is NOT contingent upon buyer’s financing. Prospective buyers should make their financial arrangements prior to the auction.

Condition: This property is selling in “As Is” condition. There are no warranties expressed or implied to the condition of the home or property.

Taxes: 2020 and previous years real estate paid by the Seller.

Title: Seller to convey title by warranty deed. Merchantable title will be made available. The cost of title insurance and escrow closing fees to be divided equally between the buyer and seller.

Agency: All representatives of Lashley Land & Recreational Brokers, Inc. are acting as agents of the seller.

Minerals: All mineral rights owned by the sellers will pass to the buyers, if any.

ABSENTEE BIDS: Bidding via cell phone, and/or on someone’s behalf must be approved by Lashley Land & Recreational Brokers, Inc at least 24 hrs. prior to the auction.

All information herein is from sources deemed reliable, however the accuracy is not guaranteed by Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers, Inc., seller or agent. Offering is subject to error, omissions, prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

Announcements day of sale will take precedence over information provided herein.

Mitchell Horse Acreage and Wildlife

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This fantastic acreage has it all! Irrigated crop ground, a thick marshy canyon, some grazing and a home site with amazing horse accommodations and a gorgeous view of the Scotts Bluff National Monument. The home place has a darling three bedroom two bath original farmhouse that has been remodeled, added on to, and had a basement added. There are numerous outbuildings, most with concrete floors and are very clean and well cared for. There is a large horse “lot” that features four loafing sheds with automatic frost free waterers installed. The quonset has concrete floors and is very clean. A long open spaced shed provides covered parking for all your toys. Another clean concrete floored outbuilding would make an excellent shop for interested mechanics or woodworkers and other man-cave needs. There is a detached garage by the house for your everyday vehicles, and a very nice chicken house with a fenced yard to keep them safe. There is a very nice, fairly new three bedroom, two bath mobile home adjacent to the farm house that has its own fenced yard. It is metered separately for utilities, so you could use it for some rental income or as a guest house for extra family.

The land consists of 23.4 acres of irrigated cropland, approximately 15 acres of grass, and approximately 42 acres of recreational hunting land in the form of a large canyon that runs diagonally through the property. The bottom of the canyon is marshy, as it is fed by three live springs. This thick wetland is a very popular place for the deer to bed down in, with easy access to the irrigated field and surrounding fields for feeding. Deer trails go every which way through this bottom, and some you can even see in the satellite aerial! There are several great sites for an elevated blind near intersecting crossroads. If waterfowl hunting is your interest, a pond could be created in the bottom, fed by the springs. The Seller reports this canyon is absolutely loaded with pheasant. This property is near the North Platte River and all the wildlife that call it home.  The property is about 4 miles as the crow flies from the Scotts Bluff National Monument.   

So many interests can be pursued here! Horses, hunting, hobby farming or shop puttering, all with a breathtaking view!

Legal Description: E1/2 SW 22-22-56 (80.20)

Taxes: $2,788.72

Address: 140444 CR L, Mitchell, NE 69357
County: Scotts Bluff