Water Rights and Mineral Search

Water Rights and Mineral Search

Lashley Land’s team is comprised of specialists, each with a unique knowledge base and skill set from which all members of our team can draw support in order to better help our clients. 

Coy Fisher

Coy Fisher

Registered Petroleum Landman



Coy Fisher, our agent based out of Sidney Nebraska, has over a decade of experience in Water and Mineral Rights. He is a Registered Petroleum Landman (RPL) with the American Association of Petroleum Landman (AAPL).

Mr. Fisher helps landowners to better understand their sub-surface ownership rights. Mr. Fisher can prepare reports informing Landowners of their land’s water and mineral rights, and provide an analysis of value for those rights. Should the Landowner choose to do so, Mr. Fisher can help landowners market those rights, and guide client landowners through all transfers, leases, and fee sales.

Mr. Fisher has title experience conducting mineral research of fee, State, and Federal ownerships in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. He has been involved in oil and gas acquisitions, prospect assembly, prospect management, curative titles, and performs all aspects of surface permitting, inspection, and damage agreements. He is a proud member of the Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen (WAPL) and the Nebraska Petroleum Producers Association (NPPA).

Mr. Fisher owns and operates his own company, Golden Triangle Land Services, which is an entity completely separate from Lashley Land.

If you have interest in finding out what marketable water rights or mineral rights may be associated with your property, and possibly even marketing those rights, please call Coy Fisher at 307-630-1318.

Please visit the Golden Triangle Land Services, Inc’s website at: GoldenTriangleLand.com