Lashley Land’s team is comprised of Specialists, each with a unique knowledge base and skill set that all members of our Team can draw from in support of our Clients.

In our 40 years of Farm and Ranch Brokerage, we have worked with MANY fine local area lenders that we feel provide excellent service to their clients. We would be happy to recommend lenders in your local area that you may wish to consider.

That being said, we are proud to have Skip Marland involved with our Brokerage. Mr. Marland has been underwriting Ag loans since 1975. He has underwritten loans for four major life insurance companies and one of Nebraska’s largest banks.

Mr. Marland is the only farm and ranch loan correspondent broker in Nebraska for a large national lending organization providing long term real estate loans who is not associated with any one particular lending institution. Mr. Marland focuses on underwriting long term real estate loans of $1,000,000 or more. This large national lending organization has been providing farm and ranch loans for 100 years as of 2017.

During his four decades of professional financing service, he has worked with family real estate investment trusts, equitable splits, corporate spin-offs, reductions, unwinds, 1031 and reverse 1031 exchanges.

Mr. Marland has spent a career assisting ranching and farming families with real estate options in a confidential and trusted manner.

Mr. Marland’s large national lending organization correspondence is independent from Lashley Land and Recreational Brokerage. But we are proud to have him as a trusted resource in all matters regarding financing, trusts, and 1031 exchanges. His knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to the Lashley Land Team and our Clients.


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Skip Marland, Associate Broker, ARA, CG

Agricultural Loan Correspondent Broker