About Us

About Lashley Land

It’s no secret that Nebraska offers some of the best locations and land for cattle. That’s probably why we have over 3 times the number of cows as we do people! And these wide-open spaces are what many people love about Nebraska’s landscape. There is a lifestyle available here that many people in the world can only imagine. When a piece of Nebraska land is for sale, it becomes a siren’s call for those that dream of the Old West.

What Motivates Us

We are passionate about the land…whether it be hunting, fishing, farming the land, or raising livestock on the land… our heart lies in Nebraska’s great outdoors.  This heartfelt passion, this love for the land, is the key to us selling land successfully here at Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers.

Lashley Land Principles

Mike Lashley, the founder of Lashley Land, established a foundation based on this passion and a commitment to be an honest, trustworthy, and dependable Brokerage Firm.

Lashley Land Mission

The Lashley Land mission is to provide you with the highest level of professional service, and satisfy your expectations with a positive and seamless experience in the selling and/or buying of your property. We strive to earn your trust, and hope that in turn you will recommend us as the most trusted real estate professionals in Nebraska. Our Brokerage Firm has grown because of the positive referrals from our clients. Our business lives or dies based upon whether we continue to earn these positive referrals.