Hitchcock County Drycrop and Range

Looking for an excellent hunting property with income potential? This is your spot! Located just South of Stratton, Nebraska you will find a quality property with ample mule deer and upland bird hunting opportunity. This property has 177 acres of dryland crop land that can be easily turned into bird habitat or you can continue farming it. The current owner rents out the farmland on a 1/3 and 2/3 basis. The farmland consists of II and III Keith, Buffalo Park and Blackwood silt loam soils. There are several draws on this property that you can find mule deer or even a covey or two of quail. The 338 grass land acres can be used for an additional income stream and will sustain around 25 cow calf pairs for a 5 month grazing season. There is a windmill system with tank on the North end that waters the property as well as a modest set of gathering corrals. Not only does this property have rental income and hunting potential but it also has several spots that you could build a small cabin or home as there is power line access on the South end of the property. This is a great property with breathtaking views and endless potential.

Drycrop: 177±
Roads: 4±
Total: 520±

Income Potential
338 acres grass @ $23/acre = $7,775
177 acres Drycrop @ $40/acre = $7,080
Total Income= $ 14,855

FSA Info
174.12 crop acres
Corn Base: 62.45 acres @ 84 PLC yield
Sorghum base: 1.9 acres @ 53 PLC yield
Wheat Base: 41.7 acres @ 39 PLC yield

Legal Description: 
Township 1- Range 35 West of the 6th P.M. Hitchcock County, Nebraska
Section 17: W 1/2
Section 18: PT E 1/2/ E1/2-PT W1/2/ NE1/4

Taxes: $3,467.40

Address: Stratton, NE 69043
County: Hitchcock


Bayard Irrigated Quarter and Acreage

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Here’s your chance to own a quality gravity irrigated quarter located just Northwest of Bayard, NE. This property has potential for pivot irrigation. The farmland lays flat and consists of 100% good productive class I and II sandy loam soils. Current ownership has farmed the property and have a rotation of corn, soybeans/dry edibles and sugar beets. There are several feedlots and grain markets in the area to market the crops.

Traversing the property is a drain from the wild-horse reservoir that has live water year round. This area is known for quality waterfowl hunting, and with it being within 3 miles of the North Platte River, this property boasts the potential for great waterfowl hunting.

The acreage consists of a nice stucco and rock home that was built in 1920. This 3 bed 1.5 bath home has recently been remodeled over the past few years. The remodeled kitchen has quartz countertops and a tasteful backsplash above the counters. The large island in the kitchen makes for an excellent spot to entertain your guests. There is updated central air and heat as well. Just out of the backyard there is a creek that runs by creating a peaceful spot to relax with a fire pit on a nice fall evening. There are several outbuildings that can be used for storage. Around the lot there are some in-line feed bunks as well as several shelters for your animals. The old barn has a hay loft and a new roof!

This property has good county road access and is only a few short minutes to Bayard. Just down the road 30 minutes is Scottsbluff, Nebraska where you will find a commercial airport, restaurants, and shopping.

Income Potential
140 Acres @ $200/acre = $28,000

FSA Info
139.65 cropland w/84.3 corn base @ 167 PLC yield.
There are 142.8 Surface water rights with Farmers Irrigation District
There are 139.6 Certified Irrigated Acres in the North Platte NRD

Legal Description:
Township 21-Range 52 West of the 6th P.M., Morrill County, Nebraska
Section 15: SW1/4

Taxes: $5,810.46

Address: 7326 Rd 110, Bayard, NE 69334
County: Morrill

South Loup River Wildlife

With nearly ½ mile of Loup River running through this property, it is a wildlife haven. Heavy tree cover along the river corridor provides a lot of White Tail habitat. The deer bed down in this corridor for the day before coming out to feed on the alfalfa and neighboring cornfields at dusk and dawn. This property could be well improved by some elevated stands or even some food plots for tasty treats they can’t find at the neighbor’s. A tenant is already in place for the 43 acres of alfalfa that offers plenty of food for the Wild Turkeys, Upland Birds and Dove in addition to the deer. This would also make a marvelous place to build a home or dig a pond. Such a versatile little slice of heaven! There is excellent access to the property, and it is only 5 minutes from Callaway.

Acre Breakdown
Drycrop: 43.1±
Wooded Range: 92.36±
Waste: 7.15±
Roads: 1.48±
Total: 144.09±

Estimated Cash Lease Income
$7,684 payable 1/2 May 1; 1/2 November 1

Legal Description: Part of Section 33, Township 16, Range 23W of the 6th P.M. Custer County, Nebraska

Taxes: $1,390.78

Address: Callaway, NE 68825
County: Custer


Ogallala Pivot Farm

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Ogallala Pivot Farm is a quality, well located farm in Keith County Nebraska. Consisting of 683 CIAs in the Twin Platte NRD, this farm has excellent water and soils to give you the potential for high yielding crops. This farm has excellent county road and highway access. The South parcel has paved road access on 3 sides. The North farm has good gravel county road access on 2 sides. This makes for easy in and out with farm equipment and trucks. With good access and location to Ogallala, this farm also has great future development potential. The South parcel of pivots are powered by natural gas and the Southeast pivot is powered by diesel with a natural gas supplement, so you don’t have to worry about any electrical shut down times during the hottest and driest time of the year. The Southeast engine was replaced with a rebuilt engine in 2020.  The West pivot engine was new in 2021 with a 10.3 Origin natural gas engine.  Most of the pivots have been replaced with new Zimmatic systems in the past 15 years. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a quality pivot irrigated farm with tons of potential.

South Farm: West Pivot: Origin Natural Gas Engine. 200 HP rating Amarillo Pump drive with Worthington Pump. GrowSmart Field Basic Control Panel.

Northeast Pivot: Natural Gas Engine Edelbrock Performer 2.0, 100 H.P. Amarillo Pump Drive, Lima Mac generator. GrowSmart Control Panel.

Southeast Pivot: Isuzu Diesel Engine with Natural Gas Supplement. 100 H.P. Randolph Pump Drive, Sargent Bowls. Generator. GrowSmart Control Panel

North Farm: West Pivot: Isuzu Diesel Engine, 125 H.P. Randolph Pump drive, Lima Mac Generator,

East Pivot: Isuzu Diesel Engine, 125 H.P. Amarillo Pump Drive, Generator. GrowSmart Control Panel.

Income Potential
683.34 CIA’S @ $240/acre= $164,001
131 Drycrop @ $45/acre= $ 5,895

Certified Irrigated Twin Platte NRD: 683.634±
Drycrop and Grass: 131.356±
Roads: 5.95±
Total: 820.94±

Taxes: $25,102.14

Address: Ogallala, NE 69153
County: Keith

Skinner Farms

Skinner Farm consists of 216.35+/- acres of which 195+/- acres are irrigated by 2 pivots and some pipe.  This property is located near Ainsworth, South of the cowboy trail and East of S. Pine Street also known as the Cemetery Road.  There are 4 wells on the property located in an excellent ground water area, part of the Middle Niobrara NRD.  Two were replaced in 2011 and all have been well maintained.  The detailed well information is provided in the property brochure.


  • 2011 Reinke Minigator, E2045-G75, 4 tower pivot & components.
  • 2011 Reinke, 2065-G75, 9 tower pivot & components.
  • 2006 John Deere sub pump system.
  • Gated pipe.

Estimated Acres

Legal Description: 25 30 22 Tract located in PT.S1/2N1/2 South of RRR.O.W. & PT.S1/2 Total 216.35

Address: Ainsworth, NE 69210
Taxes: $8,088.26

Dawson County Hunt and Farm

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Great hunting land with income! This property is tucked away at the end of an isolated road, and is surrounded by crop ground, providing ample feed for deer and other game. There are two ponds on the property, along with a windmill and a tank, so there are water sources for wildlife and cows alike on the property. The submersible well is only 2 years old. This nice piece of Nebraska land for sale is comprised of approximately 108 acres of canyon-y range and around 50 acres of terraced dry cropland.

The range land is ideal for deer (both whitetail and Mule deer are in the area), turkey, doves, quail and pheasant. The draws provide shelter from the frigid winter winds, but close access to both food and water sources. Numerous doves were seen flying near the ponds. The current tenant reports that this property is a neighborhood “highway” for deer traveling between their winter shelter and the best fields for ample winter feed. This year the crop on this dryland farm is sorghum, so it is expected that the birds and deer alike will love to forage in these fields after harvest. The property offers endless entertainment (as well as some danger!) to the avid ATV enthusiast. A few strategically positioned elevated blinds would make this a hunting haven.

Income Potential

  • 10 to 15 pair x 5 months x $40 per month (avg) = $2000 to $3000 annually
  • Crop income figured on the previous year’s corn crop yields. This is the first year of sorghum, so there is no base acre information for that crop.
  • First 30 bushels @ $5.00 = $150.00 x 50 acres = $7,500​ (Existing crop belongs to the renter. Lease expires November 1, 2021)

Legal Description
Section 34 Township 9 Range 24 West of the 6th P.M.
NE 1/4

Taxes: $1,561

Address: Cozad, NE 69130
County: Dawson

Brown County Pivots

This is an extremely well developed track of farm ground in North Central Nebraska.  These nine center pivot machines, and the diesel motors are only 8 years old.   They are located in gently rolling sandhils.  This is an excellent ground water area, and part of the Middle Niobrara NRD.  There are no pumping restrictions on any of the wells.  There is an easement off of Highway 20 that is a good gravel road to the pivot site. There are very well-developed roads to all nine pivots. In addition, there is recreational value as Evergreen Creek runs through the Southwest portion of the property itself. This would provide excellent mule deer and whitetail deer hunting, as well as wild turkey and upland game. Evergreen Creek runs year-round and is spring fed. This farm is a very productive farm and the pictures prove it!

Pivot Irrigated: 1,092.21±
Range/timber/water: 171.86±
Range corners: 319.75±
Total: 1,583.82±

Estimated Cash Lease Income:
1,170± irrigated acres @ $150.00 = $175,500
319.75 range acres @$20.00 = $6,395
Gross Income = $181,895

Real Estate Taxes = ($47,682)
Insurance ($2,500 per pivot x9) = ($22,500)
Pivot maintenance ($13,500)
Estimated Cash Lease Income = $98,213

Legal Description: Pt of Section 21,22,27 and 38, All in Township 31 North, Range 24 West of the 6th P.M., Brown County, Nebraska

Taxes: $47,682.38

Address: Johnstown, NE 69214
County: Brown

Cass County Wildlife and Drycrop

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Looking for a tremendous track of Nebraska recreational real estate with income? This property is only 30 minutes from Omaha, 50 minutes from Lincoln, and 3 miles SW of Plattsmouth.  There are approximately 49 acres of income producing dry crop. This is an excellent farming area that is highly productive.  The live water creek, trees, and food makes for incredible wildlife activity including whitetail deer, wild turkey, and dove. There are several excellent sites for building a home.  You can see the age and imagine the history of the property by the oak tree with a circumference of over 12 feet.  Hurry, this little gem won’t last long.

Legal Description: Part of Section 25 Township 12 North, Range 12 West of the 6th P.M., Cass County, Nebraska.  More particularly described in attached “Exhibit A”

Taxes: $3,518.34

Address: Plattsmouth, NE 68048
County: Cass

Keith County Farm and Grass

Here is a great combo farm in Keith county that is only 5 miles North of Brule, NE.  The current Owner has been taking in 35 pairs for 5 months.  The pasture is watered by a solar well with a plug to use a generator if needed.  The farm ground can be rented or custom farmed.  The property enjoys great access on a good county gravel road, which forms the West boundary.  There are several good spots to build a home or put in a set of improvements.  There is also good deer hunting with the crops, grass, and canyon running through the pasture.  Call Scott for your showing today.

Legal Description: All 34-14-40 638.76A 95D-B-B-16_STR (34 14 40)

Taxes: $3,713.16

Address: Brule, NE 69127
County: Keith

Western Nebraska Investment Farm

Here is your opportunity to purchase a turn-key dryland and CRP farm in Western Keith and Garden County. This farm can be purchased as a whole unit or as individual units.

Garden County Drycrop 80-SOLD
Acres = 80.61 total acres | 77.61 ac drycrop | 3 roads
Price = $80,000
Taxes = $762.58
Income Potential = 77.61 ac Drycrop @ $40/acre = $3,104

Garden County Drycrop “80” consists of 77.61 drycrop acres. This parcel is currently being cash rented. Lease expires in March 2022. This parcel sits 9 miles North and 2 miles East of Lodgepole, Nebraska. It consists of class II, III and IV loam soils. This “80” has great county road access on two sides and is located in a good drycrop farming area.

Keith County Drycrop Quarter-SOLD
Acres = 157.07 total acres | 153.13 ac Drycrop | 3.94 Roads
Price = $245,000
Taxes = $1,368.58
Income Potential = 153.13 acres Drycrop @ $50/acre = $7,656.50
Total Income=$7,656.50 + $230 ($3/acre Pheasants Forever payment on any wheat stubble)

Keith County Drycrop Quarter consists of 153.13 +/- drycrop acres. There is currently a cash lease in place until March 2022. This parcel has excellent county road access and is located 8 miles North of Big Springs, Nebraska. The soils on this property consist of 85% class II Kuma Silt loam. This is a productive dryland farm with excellent road access.

Keith County CRP and Drycrop Quarter-SOLD
Acres = 161.52 total acres | 81.53 acres | CRP 77.97 drycrop acres | 2.02 acres Roads
Price = $215,000
Taxes = $1,258.62
Income Potential = 81.53 ac CRP @ $44.65/acre = $3,622;  78 acres Dryland @ $45/acre = $3,510.00
Total Income=$7,132.00 + $652 ($8/acre Pheasants Forever)

Keith County CRP and Drycrop Quarter consists of 161.52 acres with 85 acres in CRP and the balance is dryland farm ground. This farm is currently in a cash rent on the drycrop with the lease expiring in March 2022. The CRP contract expires on 9/30/2023. This parcel offers excellent upland bird and deer hunting opportunities. The views from this property are breathtaking as you sit on the hillside as the Sun rises or sets during your hunt. Along with the CRP income this property boasts income from the rented out drycrop land as well.

Keith County CRP Quarter-SOLD
Acres = 160.19 total acres | 159 ac CRP | 1.19 ac roads
Price = $160,000
Taxes = $1,119.22
Income Potential = 159 ac CRP @ $33.31 = $5,296
Total Income=$5296+ an additional $1,272 ($8/acre from Pheasants Forever)

Keith County CRP Quarter is an established piece of CRP that has high quality upland bird hunting as well as deer. This property has an agreement with Midwest electric to extend a power line up to 1,000 feet with a transformer. This would give the new owner an opportunity cost free to get power to a new well or building site for when the CRP expires. This property would make an excellent building site with good county road access and close proximity to lake McConaughy and Ogalalla. The CRP contract expires on September 30, 2022.

Investment Farm Income
$25,851.00 Gross Income
-$4,509.00 Real Estate Taxes
NET RETURN= $21,342.00

Legal Description:
Township 14 N- Range 41 West of 6th P.M. Keith County Nebraska
-Section 10= SW 1/4 (Keith County Drycrop and CRP Quarter)
-Section 17= SE ¼ (Keith County Drycrop Quarter)

Township 14- Range 40 West of 6th P.M. Keith County Nebraska
-Section 21= SE ¼ (Keith County CRP Quarter)

Township 15- Range 46 West of 6th P.M. Garden County Nebraska
-Section 15= N ½ NW ¼ (Garden County Drycrop 80)

Taxes: $4,509 for all parcels

Address: Big Springs, NE 69122
County: Keith and Garden