Frontier County Grass

This great piece of rangeland would make a great hunting property, or a nice pasture for some cattle. The property has been cross-fenced into two pastures. Water was previously provided to this property via a neighbor’s house well, and this arrangement has been canceled. A new well would need to be drilled for a new solar panel submersible, and a new tank site would need to be developed. This property is adjacent to 473 acres listed separately by Lashley Land known as Frontier County Drycrop and Range, Tract #1.  This area is known to have good, productive hard land grass. Mule deer and wild turkey traverse this property, providing good recreational opportunities.​

Legal Description: PT 26-7-29 & PT 35-7-29 west of the 6th PM, Frontier County, Nebraska

Taxes: $2,865

Address: Curtis, NE 69025
County: Frontier

Dawson County Hunt and Farm

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Great hunting land with income! This property is tucked away at the end of an isolated road, and is surrounded by crop ground, providing ample feed for deer and other game. There are two ponds on the property, along with a windmill and a tank, so there are water sources for wildlife and cows alike on the property. The submersible well is only 2 years old. This nice piece of Nebraska land for sale is comprised of approximately 108 acres of canyon-y range and around 50 acres of terraced dry cropland.

The range land is ideal for deer (both whitetail and Mule deer are in the area), turkey, doves, quail and pheasant. The draws provide shelter from the frigid winter winds, but close access to both food and water sources. Numerous doves were seen flying near the ponds. The current tenant reports that this property is a neighborhood “highway” for deer traveling between their winter shelter and the best fields for ample winter feed. This year the crop on this dryland farm is sorghum, so it is expected that the birds and deer alike will love to forage in these fields after harvest. The property offers endless entertainment (as well as some danger!) to the avid ATV enthusiast. A few strategically positioned elevated blinds would make this a hunting haven.

Income Potential

  • 10 to 15 pair x 5 months x $40 per month (avg) = $2000 to $3000 annually
  • Crop income figured on the previous year’s corn crop yields. This is the first year of sorghum, so there is no base acre information for that crop.
  • First 30 bushels @ $5.00 = $150.00 x 50 acres = $7,500​ (Existing crop belongs to the renter. Lease expires November 1, 2021)

Legal Description
Section 34 Township 9 Range 24 West of the 6th P.M.
NE 1/4

Taxes: $1,561

Address: Cozad, NE 69130
County: Dawson

Cass County Wildlife and Drycrop

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Looking for a tremendous track of Nebraska recreational real estate with income? This property is only 30 minutes from Omaha, 50 minutes from Lincoln, and 3 miles SW of Plattsmouth.  There are approximately 49 acres of income producing dry crop. This is an excellent farming area that is highly productive.  The live water creek, trees, and food makes for incredible wildlife activity including whitetail deer, wild turkey, and dove. There are several excellent sites for building a home.  You can see the age and imagine the history of the property by the oak tree with a circumference of over 12 feet.  Hurry, this little gem won’t last long.

Legal Description: Part of Section 25 Township 12 North, Range 12 West of the 6th P.M., Cass County, Nebraska.  More particularly described in attached “Exhibit A”

Taxes: $3,518.34

Address: Plattsmouth, NE 68048
County: Cass

Cheyenne County Wildlife

This is an incredible 841 acres of Nebraska wooded canyon ground.  The pictures do not lie!  The quality of mule deer and whitetail that have been harvested, mostly with archery, is something that you rarely see. Not to mention, the quality of elk that are on the property. We even bumped several sharp tailed grouse while surveying the land. The farm ground helps to attract game animals to the property.  There is an isolated 65 acre tract of dry crop, mostly seeded with alfalfa, that is a favorite forage for deer, elk, and wild turkey.

There is a submersible well that provides water to two tanks and a windmill that provides livestock water for another pasture.

The CRP acres provide magnificent habitat, not just for upland birds, but for deer and elk as well. The current CRP contracts expire September 30, 2021, and one contract expiring in 2035. The owner has re-applied for another CRP term. At the time of this publication, he has not received the 10 year CRP program renewal contract. We feel confident that the property will once again be approved for the program.  Copies of the CRP contracts and maps are available upon request.  Payments for the year ending September 30, 2021, will total $3,762.50.

There is a building that could be improved inexpensively as a cabin with all amenities.

The current Owners qualify for 2 landowner elk permits.

The pasture is leased for the 2021 grazing season for a total of $10,000.  $5,000 payable 1/2 May 15th and 1/2 October 15th.  The drycrop will either be a crop share or be customer farmed.  Contact the Broker for estimated income for the drycrop.

*A combination of FSA measured acres and Cheyenne County Assessors card.
C.R.P: 152.8±
Drycrop: 68.60±
Timbered Range: 615.48±
Site & Roads: 4.5±
Total: 841.38±

Legal Description
All in Township 17 North, Range 52 West of the 6 PM, Cheyenne County, Nebraska
Section 22: All
Section 27: NW1/4

Taxes – Estimated $4,217.94

Address: Potter, NE 69156
County: Cheyenne

Custer County Waterfowl

Are you in the hunt for reasonably priced wetland acreage?  This property is located 9 miles North & 1 mile West of Callaway, NE in Custer County.

There are pivots to the North and South draining onto this land, creating a waterfowl pond. Working with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Custer County with the conservation easement could provide for magnificent waterfowl activity. Including the possibility of a bubbler to the keep the pond open in winter. Power is available next to the road creating the opportunity to develop even more waterfowl hunting opportunities.

Legal Description:
Pt. of the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 19-T17N-R22W. of the 6th PM, Custer County, NE
Pt. of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 30-T17N-R22W. of the 6th PM, Custer County, NE

Taxes: $1,733

Address: Callaway, NE 68825
County: Custer

Frontier County Drycrop and Range

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A special offering in Frontier County, Nebraska. This property has not been available for a number of years so don’t miss out on taking a look at this listing.

Frontier County Drycrop & Range is an excellent investment for the future. Good soils and productive grass, all come into play with this listing. You can buy the property as a whole for $1,900,000 or in separate tracts. Tract 1 for $560,123 and Tract 2 for $1,340 229.

The current 2021 cash lease tenant has leased both the drycrop and range for $50,000. The Buyer has the potential of obtaining all, or part of the 2021 lease, depending on the time of closing.

There is an old set of improvements that could be refurbished making a good living quarters and excellent upland bird and mule deer hunting across the entire property.

Price Breakdown
Tract 1

119.08    Dry crop Acres @ $1725/acre     = $205,413
354.71    Range Acres      @ $1000/acre     = $354,710

431.31 Dry crop Acres @ $1725/acre = $   744,009
596.22 Range Acres @ $1000/acre = $   596,220
$1,900,000 for both tracts

Tract 1: 7 miles South and 3 miles West of Curtis, NE
Tract 2: 10 miles South and 2 miles West of Curtis, NE

Legal Description
Frontier County, Nebraska:
Section 18: W½ SW¼
Section   2: 
Section 12:  S½ SE¼
Section 13:  N½; SE¼; E½ SW¼
Section 14:  E½ NE¼
Section 24:  NE¼; E½ NW¼
Section 35:  SE¼


Tract 1
119.08 Dry crop Acres
354.71 Range Acres
473.79 Total Taxable Acres

Tract 2
431.31 Dry crop Acres
596.22 Range Acres
1027.53 Total Taxable Acres

Taxes – Estimated

Tract 1: $4,416.40
Tract 2:

Estimated Potential Cash Lease Income

Tract 1
119.08 Dry crop Acres @ $50.00/acre = $  5,954
354.71 Range Acres @ $22.00/acre = $  8,513

Tract 2
431.31 Dry crop Acres @ $50.00/acre = $21,566
596.22 Range Acres @ $22.00/acre = $14,309

Address: Curtis, NE 69025
County: Frontier

Hitchcock County CREP and Wildlife

Located just South of Trenton, NE with excellent county road access is Hitchcock County CREP and Wildlife.  Currently, there are 42 acres enrolled in the CREP program, which allows the Owner to collect annual income.  The Northeast corner of the CREP portion is 4 acres that is currently rented by a municipality, and collects $1,500 rent per year.  There are additional possibilities for income on the 42 acres after the CREP program expires.

For the hunter, this property hosts 12 acres of highly desirable accretion ground that is abundant with
white-tailed deer and turkeys.  Trapping opportunities are also available.  The grasses on the 42 acres of CREP are waist high, yet easy to walk through, and are loaded with Ringnecked Pheasants.

Income Potential
42 Acres CREP, a 10 year program, = $7,140 per year
Lease for oil tank site = $1,500
Real estate taxes=$1,200
Ditch water fees=$1,200 per year (approximately)

Estimated Taxes: $1,200

Address: Trenton, NE 69044
County: Hitchcock

South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow Tract 1

This property is also being offered as South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow

South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow consists of approximately 890.5+/- total acres.  This property is located 10 miles South and 1.5 miles West of Long Pine on a well-maintained road.  It is being offered as a whole or can be divided into two separate tracts.

Tract 1
Estimated acres: 410±
Legal Description:To be further described by a survey or title commitment. 27 28 21 that portion lying East & South of existing county rd R.O.W. Total 136.71 Acres.  A portion of 34-28-21.
Taxes: TBD

Tract 1 adjoins Cozad Lake also known as South Pine WMA with an improved boat ramp on the Nebraska Game and Parks property.  Fish species range from Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Common Carp.  There is an abundance of waterfowl, some upland game, and has sub-irrigated meadows.

Address: Long Pine, NE 69217
County: Brown

South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow Tract 2

This property is also being offered as South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow

South Pine Waterfowl and Meadow consists of approximately 890.5+/- total acres.  This property is located 10 miles South and 1.5 miles West of Long Pine on a well-maintained road.  It is being offered as a whole or can be divided into two separate tracts.

Tract 2
Estimated acres: 480.5±
Legal Description: Legal to be further described by a survey.  A portion of 34-28-21 and a portion of 3-27-21.
Taxes: TBD

Tract 2 has a solar well that was installed in 2017, a private marsh with an abundance of waterfowl, and sub-irrigated meadows.

Address: Long Pine, NE 69217
County: Brown

Maxwell South Channels Wildlife

This is an excellent accretion property with all of the tremendous wildlife that Central Nebraska has to offer including Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Upland Birds, and Waterfowl.  The area is thick with trees, but offers plenty of feed with the center pivot farmland that lies adjacent to the property.  There are many trails already cut through the land making it easier to access both sides of the North Platte River channel.  Access to the property is from a paved road with a 1/4 mile surveyed easement.  The entire property has been surveyed.  This accretion land is just 20 minutes from downtown North Platte, NE.

Legal Description: Pt. ACCRE. TO 15-12-28

Taxes: $906.16

Address: Maxwell, NE 69151
County: Lincoln