Frontier County Range, Farm, and Wildlife Auction

Maywood, NE 69038, USA
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2371.13 Acres

If you are concerned about coming to the auction, please call our office and register to bid over the phone. The auction will still take place as scheduled. We intend to keep chairs 6′ apart, and the building will be sanitized prior to the auction time in deference to the COVID-19 safety precautions.

March 24, 2020 | 1:30 P.M. at Maywood Park Pavilion in Maywood, NE.

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in productive hardland canyon range with complementary dry crop land for winter feeding. All three parcels are very well watered and cross-fenced, and the owner has taken a great deal of time and care building solid fences and being aggressive on invasive cedar removal. The dryland plots are flat and have excellent soils. Much of the property has either been cleared with prescriptive controlled burns, or cleared by hand. However, a perfect amount of cedars left in the draws provide ample shelter for the thousands of deer in this area. While much of the deer in this area are Mule deer, the Owner reports seeing Whitetails around on a regular basis. Deer and Turkey need only to come up from the draws to feed on the dryland crops, feeling safe that cover within the draws are only seconds away. Frontier County offers some of the best pheasant and quail hunting in Nebraska, and they are also tucked into the sheltered draws in winter, just waiting for you and your dog to find. The numerous stock wells and stock dams provide ample water for cattle and wildlife alike. Any one of these parcels could be a profitable investment while providing great hunting opportunity.

Parcel One has a windmill well that provides water to a total of five tanks via underground piping. There are also two stock dams. It has been cross-fenced into six separate pastures. The approximately 111 acres of drycrop are completely fenced off from the pastures.  Approximately 100.44 acres are in CRP.

Parcel Two has two windmills supplying water to a total of nine stock tanks via underground piping. The approximate 144 acres of dry crop are fenced off from the range land. There are also five stock dams on this parcel. This parcel is divided into five large pastures and four small holding pastures clustered around the improvement site. The improvement site consists of some outbuildings and a house. The house and buildings are being sold as-is, and the Seller makes no warranty on these improvements.

Parcel Three has one windmill supplying water to two tanks, the second via underground piping. There are three stock dams. This section has been fenced into four pastures with the 55 acres of drycrop fenced out.

This Ranch is Owner rated as a 200 cow unit year round with rotational grazing. For summering, the Owner rates it as a 250 pair unit for 5 months.

Acres, Taxes, and Income:

Total acres of all 3 parcels: 2,371.13±

Potential Lease Income for all parcels
250 pair @ $65 per pair for 5 months = $81,250.00
199 acres dry crop @ $55 per acre      = $10.973.60
100.44 acres in CRP Contract                = $  7,519.00
                                                                      -$18,000.00 RE Taxes
                                                                        ​$80,942.00 NET after Taxes

Parcel 1:
Dryland: 111.11±
Grass: 473.44±
Roads: 8.26±
TOTAL: 568.81± Acres

Parcel 1 Income Potential
58 pair at $65 per pair for 5 months = $18,850.00
11 acres drycrop at $55 per acre       = $      605.00
100.44 acres of CRP                             = $   7,519.00
                                                                    – $4,853.38 RE Taxes

Parcel 2:
Dryland: 144.29±
Grass: 959.89±
Roads: 10.99±
Site: 6.72±
TOTAL: 1,145.89± Acres

Parcel 2 Income Potential
118 pair at $65 per pair for 5 months = $38,350.00
144.29 acres drycrop at $55 per acre = $ 7,935.95
                                                                      -$ 8,939.94

Parcel 3:
Dryland: 55.23±
Grass: 595.91±
Roads: 5.29±
TOTAL: 656.43± Acres

Parcel 3 Income Potential:
58 pair at $65 per pair for 5 months = $18,850.00
55.23 acres drycrop at $55 per acre = $   3,037.65
                                                                    – 5,007.48 RE Taxes

Address: Maywood, NE 69038
County: Frontier

Buyers and Sellers acknowledge all represented acres are based on the County Assessor’s records. Buyers acknowledge that they are purchasing a legal description, and acknowledge that fences may or may not be on the property lines.

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