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Grazing Land

Nebraska ranches are well-known for outstanding grazing land. Nebraska is home to the Nebraska Sandhills, the largest native grassland in the United States, covering 13 million acres in 20 countries in the Central and northern parts of the State. Nebraska Sandhill’s Ranches are known as one of the finest cattle producing regions in the nation. The grassland found in other parts of the State are often heart pounding-producing hardland grasses. The high protein content of these grasses helps calves put on weight quickly. All grazing land in Nebraska are vigorous and nutritious and have proven themselves a drought-tolerant species centuries ago by supporting vast herds of Buffalo. Nebraska is situated above the largest fresh water aquifer in the continental U.S. Known as the Ogallala or High Plains Aquifer, it provides fresh, clean water to ranches across Nebraska. Water is considered the world’s most precious resource, and many land investors believe “water is the next oil.” Beef prices rise and fall, but the ever-increasing world population is demanding higher quality beef, and Nebraska has cattle production down to a science.


Working with You

Finding ranch land for sale in Nebraska can be a challenge, but Lashley Land, will work directly with you to find you the perfect Nebraska ranch. We have lots of ranch land for sale all year long in Nebraska. If we do not have listed exactly what you are looking for, call us. If we know what your priorities and needs are, we will work hard to find the right Nebraska ranchland for you! If you are in the market for purchasing ranch land, Lashley Land has a wide variety of ranches for sale. Ranging in all different sizes, Lashley Land’s ranches for sale offer spectacular views, productive ranch land, and an abundance of Nebraska wildlife. Here at Lashley Land, we won’t just list your ranch and toss it up on the internet. We provide a detailed analysis of carrying capacity, typical expenses, and the gross income possible on that ranch. Our team members have worked on ranches and/or owned large Nebraska Ranches. We understand the emotional attachment our Sellers have to these beautiful grasslands, and the concern a Buyer may have in finding the right ranch. We will work hard to make it a smooth process for both Buyer and Seller. Lashley Land values the Nebraska roots and ties to the land. We have over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge when it comes to selling ranches in Nebraska so you know you will be getting expert guidance on both buying and selling Nebraska ranches.   Browse our selection of ranches for sale in Nebraska and find the perfect ranch land for you today!