The Devine Ranch-Tract 3 Sold Ranches

Oconto, NE 68860, USA
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This property is also available as The Devine Ranch

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Tract 3: Tract three is a non-contiguous short section, with approximately 520± acres of good to excellent hardland pasture, very few cedar trees, in a nice rolling hill setting.  There are two windmills, and two stock ponds.  Tract three is accessed through a neighbor, and will have legal access with a perpetual easement. This same neighbor will also have a perpetual easement through a part of Tract two.

The ranch has been evaluated for estimated carrying capacities as well as estimated landlord revenue on a summer grazing basis utilizing cow/calf pairs and market rents.  The ranch has two long term tenants.  They have worked and cared for the land along with the current owners.  The current ownership is very conservation minded and the ranch resource reflects this.

Deeded Acres By County Record

Tract 3 – Taxes: $6,104.36
Hardland pasture: 520.23±

The Devine Ranch is located in South Central Custer County near Oconto, Nebraska, approximately 25 miles North from Lexington, which has one of the largest beef packing plants in the region.  This ranch was homesteaded by John A. Devine who is still considered a very prominent man of Oconto.  The current Owners of the Devine Ranch are direct descendants of the original Devine Family that homesteaded it.  This is the first time this ranch has been for sale since it was homesteaded 132 years ago in 1889.

The rainfall in the area and location of this ranch ranges from 20”-24” per year with the majority of it falling during the growing season.  It is generally considered consistent and reliable to the extent that cattle sell downs because droughts are rare.

The current ownership will convey all the owned minerals.

The current ownership will cooperate with 1031 exchanges.

Ogallala Aquifer
The Sandhills of Nebraska support the largest fresh water aquifer in the continental U.S.  Known as the Ogallala or High Plains Aquifer, it develops fresh water bearing material where this ranch is located.  Stock wells and irrigation wells are generally considered shallow by comparison to other cattle producing regions in other states.  The Devine Ranch is located in the Ogallala Aquifer that supports approximately 400-600 feet of fresh water bearing material in the area of the ranch.  Static and pumping levels for both irrigation wells and stock wells are considered shallow and excellent.  A major factor in this is the South Loup River that traverses through Tract two.

Landlord Revenue Estimate

Tract 3
520.23 Acres Total by County Record @ .80 AUMs – 416 AUMs
416/12 months – 35 AUs or 15 Acres/AU
416/5 months – 1.6 BWE, 52 Pair or 10 acres/pair
52 pair @ $65.00/pair/month for 5 months – $16,900
$16,900 Gross Income
$6,104 Real Estate Taxes
$1,000 R & R
$1,750 Misc
$8,046 Net Income, Say $8,000 Net to Landlord

Year Around Carrying Capacity Estimate

Tract 3
416 AUMs/12 months – 35 AUs
35 AUs
28 Cows
520.23 AC/35 AUs 15 AC/AU
520.23 AC/28 Cows 19 AC/Cow

Summary Estimate

Tract 3
520 Acres
$16,900 Gross Income
$8,000 Net Income

The Devine family has deep seated roots in the Oconto, Nebraska area dating back to the late 1800’s, John A. Devine settled the South Loup Valley Ranch, (The Devine Ranch) in the 1880’s.  He was a long time stockman and a substantial farmer and leader in the community.  John A. Devine has pioneer honors in Custer County and his character was the positive expression of a strong, loyal, and noble nature.  John A. Devine made his life count for good in all of its relationships, and helped in the civic and industrial development, and the building of Custer County, Nebraska.

Frank “Bounce” Devine served his country with the US Navy from January of 1942, until April 1946 serving on the USS West Virginia.  Later the family moved to Oconto, Nebraska. In 1950 he was employed at the Farmers Bank of Oconto for over 40 years, serving as President from 1975-1983.

James V. Devine once said the financial interest of any growing community is among the most important, because upon this rests the opportunity for progress or the probability of retrogression.  James V. Devine was also devoted to the family farm. In 1889, they located the farmstead near Oconto and settled there.  He appreciated the dignity of labor, the value of industry, and the necessity of honesty and integrity.

Today the Devine Ranch still exists and is very well maintained by James T. Devine from Colorado and Frank Devine from Arizona who currently lease the ranch.  The ranch reflects the care and conservation efforts that James T. Devine has provided over the years of his tenure.

Excerpts from the Custer County Historical Society, in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

Address: Oconto, NE 68860

County: Custer



  • City: Oconto
  • State/county: Nebraska
  • Neighborhood: Custer County
  • Country: United States

Buyers and Sellers acknowledge all represented acres are based on the County Assessor’s records. Buyers acknowledge that they are purchasing a legal description, and acknowledge that fences may or may not be on the property lines.