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Let the name speak for itself, “Paradise Hills Ranch” is the perfect ranching and hunting property, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the rolling hills and abundance of resident wildlife.  Situated in the pristine Snell Canyon, Paradise Hills Ranch is much more than a working ranch, it offers top notch hunting of Mule Deer, Turkey, predator and of course Elk, which all roam the hills of this very well maintained property.

The Paradise Hills Ranch log home is flat-out amazing, perfectly located at the top of the highest point in the region with many amenities including, a detached Cleary building with living quarters,  a second outbuilding to house equipment, and lastly the “park” which sets below the Cleary building.  This park is the ideal place for the kids to spend the day exploring.  Paradise Hills Ranch is the love of the former owner who spent countless hours thinking of how to design the true “paradise” right here in Nebraska.

Income Potential
55 pair @ $55/month = $3,025

Legal Description: All 35-11-28 582.65 A 7B PV MR

Taxes: $8,384.10

A note from the owner…

Located on Snell Canyon RD.

  • It’s 15 miles from either the Maxwell and Brady exits on I-80. 

Paradise Hills was a work in process from the time we purchased it in 1997 until Bob’s death in February 2015. His handprint is everywhere. It was a desolate, virgin piece of land and with his vision and hard work turned it into “Paradise Hills”. I don’t think you’ll find another property as unique as this one. The only convenience on the original land was a windmill that worked for a few years, then quit.


  • All electric with McCook Public Power except for propane for fireplace in house & heater in barn near the house. We always had good service with MPP.

Solar operated gate at ranch entrance. 

Log house

  • The house was started in 2003 and finished in 2004. It is full scribed large logs. It has a peaked roof with large windows in the front or west side of house.
  • Because of a corrupt builder we ended up in a lawsuit over the logs and poor workmanship of the house. After spending a huge sum of money the house is as it should have been from the start. A complete log home restoration was done by Heartland Log Crafters of Crete, NE in 2011.
  • The roof was replaced before the restoration and has commercial grade fire retardant shingles. Gutters were installed at that time.
  • The windows on the west side of the house were covered with a tint in 2008 to help with glare & heat from the windows.
  • It does a good job of controlling glare etc but the greatest asset is that birds never realized how close we were in the house. The windows look like a mirror on the outside. If black sunflower seed is provided in the large feeder on the front deck, many kinds of birds flock to feed.

House information

  • The house has a great room that’s living and kitchen area with 20’ceiling to the high peak. There are two bedrooms down stairs, one bath and a sun room that was added on in 2012. It could be used as a bedroom as well.
  • There is a loft with two sleeping sides with a divider in between. A vanity and sink are on each side. We used one area for sleeping and the other was my office and a small space I made into a library.
  • The loft and one bedroom has commercial grade carpet. The living room/kitchen/bath has natural slate flooring. One bedroom & the sunroom have tile floors.
  • The house has a heat pump & air conditioning. There are ceiling fans in each room.
  • The house has a septic tank and large drain field.
  • Kitchen appliances: stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and mini pop fridge will stay with the house.
  • I had shelves installed for display that were built above the closets in the bedrooms for books as I had no place to put them. Eventually my little library nook came about in the loft. It was interesting to learn how to create space in a small house.

Deck & Retaining wall

  • The composite railing and deck is on three sides of the house was installed in 2011. It replaced a treated wood deck.
  • In 2013 we added the new retaining wall for the perennial hill in back of the house. This is commercial grade poured concrete purchased from a business in Plattsmouth. They provide for many areas in the Lincoln & Omaha area. This addition alone was $20,000.


  • Built by Cleary
  • There are large electric powered doors on each end of the barn.
  • There are two work benches. Bob built the smaller one for me one Mother’s Day so I can use it for my gardening.
  • We purchased recycled shelving from the Distribution Center in North Platte for this barn. It provides an unbelievable amount of storage with shelves 4’ deep and 12’ high.
  • There’s also a long tube type propane heater to take the chill off on cool or cold days.

Guest Quarters

  • The guest quarters was built on one side of the barn near the house in 2007 so we had room for guest.
  • It covers the west side of the barn and is approximately 63’ long by 13.5’ wide.
  • It includes a combined living/kitchen area, one bath, two bedroom areas and a loft above one bedroom that holds a bunk bed & one twin bed. Great place for kids.
  • Ceiling fans are in each room.
  • One bedroom has tile floors as it was built as a working studio. From this room there is a large deck on the west side of the barn.
  • Both bedroom areas have a wall of closets.
  • The living/kitchen area has tile floors as does the bath.
  • The center bedroom & loft has low nap commercial grade carpet.
  • The guest quarters has heating & air condition;
  • a separate septic systems from the house.
  • Kitchen appliances: stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave are included.
  • Small refrigerator for summer is in the barn.
  • There’s a storage deck on top of the guest quarters for great storage.
  • It was super insulated in 2012.
  • There are large electric powered doors on each end of the barn.
  • There are two work benches. Bob built the smaller one for me one Mother’s Day so I can use it for my gardening.
  • We purchased recycled shelving from the Distribution Center in North Platte for the this barn. It provides an unbelievable amount of storage with shelves 4’ deep and 12’ high.
  • There’s also a long tube type propane heater to take the chill off on cool or cold days.

The Park

  • In 2008 Bob discovered the small valley behind the barn by the house. After weeks of clearing the lower sections of trees and cutting down trees, the Park was born. There are a number of trees we planted down there, including an apple tree.
  • Bob built a real tree house in the park for the granddaughters, it’s one of a kind. After he finished building it, he picked a leaf off the tree, took it to the paint store and said he wanted that color of green to paint the tree house.
  • We purchased commercial grade slide and swing equipment that attaches to the tree house. There is also a trampoline. Bob decided he should build bunk beds in the tree house. They are slabs of wood that are held up with chain from the ceiling. In the guest quarters are four sleeping bags for the bunk beds.
  • A good size paver stone patio was laid in the park; it’s great for entertaining friends.


  • In the spring birds migrate to this area; Large numbers of barn swallows come back and nest on and near the house. We never discouraged them because we enjoyed watching them and the babies they produced. It was always amazing, one day they showed up in spring and in early fall disappeared until the next spring.
  • If the feeder on the front deck of the house is kept filled with black sunflower seeds the birds will flock to it and they will provide hours of entertainment.

Trees & landscaping

  • We planted large numbers of hardwood trees in the areas around the house.
  • The lower slop in front of the house was covered in cedar trees; Bob decided to clear the trees so we could see up the valley to the north of the house. Another huge job but them we planted all spring blooming trees so it was gorgeous in the spring.
  • There are many spring blooming trees around the house as well as many other trees including fruit trees on the hill behind the house. A dwarf cherry tree profusely produces fruit each year; I usually get enough cherries for 20+ pies.

Dam, tanks, well and holding ponds

  • The dam is located on the southwest corner of the ranch.
  • Two wells, newest 2013, 500 ft deep with big pump are located near the house.
  • Underground pipe laid to 6 tanks around the property for plenty of water for livestock. There are critter guards in each tank so if an animal, bird or insect falls in, it has a mean to crawl out. These were added as part of a program with NRC.
  • In 2010 we had a tremendous amount of dirt work done as we were concerned about erosion. The road that leads to the valley needed to be built up and to provide this dirt, we had large holding tanks dug near the house and further down the main valley that leads to the dam. These were dug to collect water as it rained and not have great washes of water that can do damage.

The house & barns are on top of a hill

  • Years ago Bob went to North Platte to purchase some equipment and he was asked where he lived. The man said, “you live on the Loess Hills Continental Divide”. The house sits on a high point and there’s a road that goes down in front of the house that rain water flowers to the Republican River. The road that comes up from Snell Rd goes downhill to the north and rain flows to the Platte River.
  • The house faces southwest and straight in front of the house on a clear day is a large white ball that can be seen on the horizon. This is the Doppler radar station at Wellfleet, NE, approximately 20 miles from the ranch. The lights at Maywood can be seen at night as well.

Valley level corral

  • Handy for easy delivery & pickup of cattle that includes two water tanks, one inside the corral the other outside.

Equipment Barn

  • Built by Cleary
  • Cement floor
  • The big barn was built in 2010; it has stalls on the south end. Outside the stalled is an overhang with attached corral and heated water tank for winter.
  • The barn is fenced so livestock can’t get close. Cement pad in front with large cattle guard for easy access to the building.
  • Power door

Large Equipment

  • I have the equipment needed to make life at the ranch work. We were never snowed in; Bob cleared the road to Snell Rd after each snow. He was able to grade the roads when necessary. It’s not possible to live in the country without equipment.

The equipment appraised by Al Childers from Titan Machinery in Lexington, NE. None of the machinery is included in the price of the ranch.

  • CaseIH Farmall 95C 95 Hp tractor 124 Hours w/ L735 loader w/ bucket grapple.
  • Bobcat S-630, A71 Package, Radio, w/ bucket 122 Hours
  • Rhino 10’ 3 point all HYD function blade
  • Bobcat SB240-84” Snow blower
  • Bobcat 72” Brushcat Rotary Mower
  • Continued on Next Page…
  • Bobcat 15C W/ Auger 
  • Bobcat 48” Pallet forks
  • Virnig Bale spear for Skid Steer
  • Bush Hog RTN80 Tiller 3 point
  • Dry spreader 250 3 point 540 PTO
  • Soil Mover Box Scraper 8’ Pull type w/ Hyd lift
  • Grade King ATV Box scraper w/ Electric Lift
  • Robo 7202 Root Grapple for Skid Steer
  • Dymax 14” Tree Sheer w/ back guard
  • Massey Ferguson Model 68 – 10’ 3-point disk
  • Hustler Model 928382 – O turn 54” Mower 

Fuel Tanks

  • There is a tank for gasoline and a tank for diesel near the equipment barn. I’ve always had Metzger Oil in North Platte fill them when needed.


  • Cross fence installed in approximately 2010 so cattle can be rotated; thru NRC program.
  • Outside perimeter fence checked yearly, some has been replaced.
  • Area around house & park are fenced with electric wire to keep livestock out of this area.


  • The road to Paradise Hills is off Snell Canyon Rd. It is approximately one mile to the entrance to Paradise Hills. We have great neighbors and a road was built on neighbors land to give us access to the ranch. It’s had load after load of rock applied over the years.
  • We have roads graded to travel all around the ranch.

300 acres of cedars

  • removed in 2007 thru Game & Parks.
  • We were part of several burns where more trees were removed & burned.
  • See cut of cedars on the Maps.


We enjoyed watching the wildlife that roams Paradise Hills Ranch. During the last years of his life Bob had trail cams from one end of the land to the other. Each day he was anxious to see what stepped in front of the camera. Turkey has always been abundant on this piece of land and we always saw many deer. The first one taken was in December 2014 by our son in law. Bob had not let anyone hunt deer before then because he wanted to build up a herd on our place so Craig could have a good shot at a deer. That was an exciting evening for Craig and for Bob as well.

The story goes on and on about what’s been done to be good Stewarts of this piece of land. Whoever is interested, I want to tell them how it came to be.

Bob was raised on a farm in Cozad and he loved that piece of land (3/4 section) he was raised on. He helped his Dad farm it until he decided to go south for the winter of 61/62 to get away from snow & sheep. He ended up at Baylor in Waco Texas where we met and were married the following November. I was18, he was barely 21 when we married Nov. 24, 1962.

We farmed a few years and then he went back to Baylor; he graduated with Honors in Accounting & went to work for Arthur Anderson in Denver in the Tax Dept. He worked there for three years and then went to work for a corporation in San Francisco. We lived right in the city for 9 months before deciding California wasn’t for us and moved to Gothenburg and Bob started his accounting practice.

When the opportunity came in 1997 to help a client with a tax problem to buy a piece of land; we went halves. We bought them out the next year and the rest is history. He had his chance again to improve “the land” which was his heart.



  • City: Maxwell
  • State/county: Nebraska
  • Zip/Postal Code: 69151
  • Neighborhood: Lincoln County
  • Country: United States

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