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The southern portion of this all contiguous ranch is located in the heart of the Lodgepole Creek Valley. Ranch deeded land runs on both sides of Lodgepole Creek for approximately three miles.

There are three center pivot irrigated quarters powered by three phase REA located on the ranch that raise corn, millet, dry edible beans, alfalfa, and potatoes (on a rotational basis). One would also have the option of developing irrigated pasture on part of the center pivot irrigated land to extend grazing for either a cow-calf or yearling enterprise. Eight miles of new ranch fencing has been built over the last six years on the ranch. The ranch supports a modest building site with two homes, two Quonset buildings and modest set of corrals with a Power River working alley. Both Quonsets are equipped with electricity and have dirt floors.

IRRIGATION WELL DATA – CENTER PIVOT IRRIGATION – STOCKWATER: The Lodgepole Creek supports an excellent underground water bearing profile very conducive for abundant water supplies for center pivot irrigation on this ranch. Both static and pumping water levels as well as water volumes are considered excellent for this area.

The ranch is located in the South Platte NRD, Sidney, NE. There is a three year water allotment for a total of 42” or an average of 14” annual usage. The ranch had a maximum allowed 10” carryover from 2015. Year 2018 will be the last year of the three year allotment. If excess water will be available in 2018, there will be a maximum allowed 10” carryover into 2019. The water use history on the center pivots has be very conservative, so the likelihood of a 10” carryover water into 2019 is good.

There are a total of 401.3 CIAs (Certified Irrigated Acres) among the three center pivots.  The east center pivot has 80.7 CIAs.  The middle and west center pivots have CIAs shown together for a total of 320.6 CIAs between the two of them. All three pivots are currently pooled together. There are two electric stock wells strategically located on the ranch.

East Center Pivot

1995 Zimmatic 5 Tower, 27,592 Hours
40 HP GE Electric Motor
Peerless Pump
Well Registration G-043299
Well ID 50617
Drilled 1975
Static Water Level – 17 Feet
Pumping Level – 18 Feet
GPM 400
SPNRD – CIAs – 80.7 Pooled with middle and west wells
Owner – Panhandle Green Valley Ranch

Middle Center Pivot

1993 Zimmatic 7 Tower, 29,249 Hours
50 HP GE Electric Motor
Sargent Pump
Well Registration G-115364
Well ID 139838
Drilled 2002
Static Water Level -36 Feet
Pumping Level – 50 Feet
GPM 800
SPNRD CIAs – Pooled with west & east wells – total middle and west pivots – 320.6
Owner – Panhandle Green Valley Ranch

West Center Pivot

2001 Zimmatic 7 Tower, 20,253 Hours
125 HP US Electric Motor
Peerless Pump
Well Registration G-043298
Well ID 50616
Drilled 1975
Static Water Level -18 Feet
Pumping Level – 22 Feet
GPM 800
SPNRD CIAs – Pooled with middle & east wells – total middle and west pivots – 320.6
Owner – Panhandle Green Valley Ranch

RAINFALL: The rainfall belt in the area and location of this ranch ranges from 14”-16” per year with the majority of it falling during the grass growing season.  It is generally considered consistent and reliable to the extent that cattle liquidations or partial liquidations because of drought are rare.

MARKETS: The ranch is located within travel marketing distance from two major, long established, livestock auction barns at Torrington, WY, and Ogallala, NE. Thousands of reputation cattle pass through both barns annually in the form of special stock cow, bred heifer, yearling, and calf sales throughout the year. Buyers from several states are always on hand to create a consistent, top-end market for all classes of cattle.

MINERALS: The current ownership is retaining all owned minerals.

EXCHANGES: The current ownership will cooperate with 1031 exchanges.

APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT AND REVENUE: The center pivot irrigated land and much of the Lodgepole Creek Valley are located on excellent, nearly level sites containing one of the most productive soil types in Western Nebraska. The primary soil association for these areas is a Tripp Loam (Ta) with 0-1% slope with a Silty Range site. The NRCS irrigated capability for Tripp Loam is I-1. It is well suited to irrigation and for growing all crops typical of the area.  The dryland cultivated capability is IIc-1 This soil association is rated as one of the top crop/forage producing soil associations in Kimball County. Corn, dry edible beans, potatoes, alfalfa, and millet have all be raised on a rotational basis very successfully on the center pivot irrigated land.

Irrigated pasture planted to select, high producing grasses along with some legumes would also be a viable option for some of the irrigated land to increase the ranch carrying capacity for either a cow-calf or yearling operation.

Cash rents even during periods of modest crop prices have ranged from $100-150 per acre for corn, beans, and millet.  When planted to potatoes on a rotational basis, cash rents have commanded up to $250 per acre. Potatoes are an excellent, diversified, cash rental crop for this ranch. Established yields for potatoes have been 30,000 lbs. +/- per acre on the center pivot irrigated land. There are good grain elevators for the major commodities up and down the Lodgepole Creek Valley, Interstate 80, and state Highway #30.

This ranch resource with combined center pivot irrigation, dryland cultivated, and pasture has been analyzed under what would be considered typical crop production and typical cash rents for all the ranch land classes. What follows are the estimates of deeded acres and current real estate taxes; as well as estimates of land classes, crop rents/crop production, under typical/average use and management. An estimate of landlord revenue generation less typical landlord expense has been developed to discover what would be considered a typical net landlord income to the landlord/land owner.

This ranch has a history of potato production on a rotational basis. Utilizing 1/3 of approximately 400 center pivot irrigated acres for a cash rent of $250/acre for potato production and a cash rent of $100/acre for typical crop production develops an approximate gross rental for center pivot irrigated of $59,500 (130 acres @ $250/ac -$32,500, 270 acres @ $100/ac – $27,000) – Total $59,500.


401.3 Acres Center Pivot Irrigated                   Cash Rent to Landlord @ $148/acre –    $59,500*
50.3 Acres Dryland Cultivated                          Cash Rent to Landlord @ $   25/acre –    $ 1,257
2,430 Acre Native Pasture                            Cash Rent to Landlord @ $     9/Acre   – $21,870    
Total Gross Landlord Revenue Estimate                                                                $82,627

$82,627 Gross Income
$24,544 RE Taxes
$ 2,500 Irrigation
$ 1,500 Ranch R & R, Misc.
$54,083 Net Income Estimated

Note: The University of Nebraska Cornhusker Economics 2017 market survey of rents estimated in the northwest district of Nebraska (includes Kimball County) the following:

Center Pivot Irrigated – High $195/ac, Low $125/ac – Average $155/ac
Dryland Cultivated – High $40/ac, Low $22/ac – Average $29/ac
Pasture – High $21/ac, Low $7/ac – Average – $11/ac
Cow/Calf Pair Rates – High $47.95/PR, Low $25.65/PR – Average $35.15/PR

BROKER COMMENTS: This ranch would not be for sale if the current ownership was not retiring. It has been in one extended family for 67 years. Current ranch ownership is made up of several family entities that have now decided to sell. Center pivot equipment, fences, and pasture are all in excellent condition and have been well maintained by the current ownership. A unique and positive amenity to this ranch is the Lodgepole Creek traversing through its heart supporting an underground water bearing profile that allows for very stable water for the center pivot irrigation.


The Panhandle Green Valley Ranch, located in the southwestern Panhandle of Nebraska, was homesteaded in the 1880’s not long after the Union Pacific Railroad built its first rail tracks adjacent to the southern border of this ranch. A family by the name of Kinney were the first owners acquiring the first acreages via homestead. They were in the trotting horse business.

The Herboldsheimer family purchased the ranch in 1951. It now contains 2,898.85 deeded acres +/-. The ranch has been in the same family ownership for 67 years. The farmland, and pasture evidences exceptional care and management. The pasture has not been over grazed and the farmland has an excellent crop production history for this part of the state.

Legal Description 

The ranch starts directly west from Bushnell, NE and runs contiguously for approximately four miles west. Its southern border is the Union Pacific RR and State Highway 30.  Land is located in Sections 2,3,4,5,9,10,11 T14 R 58; and Section 34 T15-R58 all West of the 6th PM Kimball County, NE.

Taxes – Estimated $24,543.74

F.S.A. Info

The three center pivots have a total of 509.3 FSA acres.
The total corn base acres are 426.6 FSA acres with a PLC yield of 107 which is the combination of center pivot irrigated and dryland cultivated adjacent to the center pivot land.

Other FSA Base Acres
Wheat – 22 BU Yield with a PLC Yield of 27
Oats – 14.6 BU Yield with a PLC Yield of 50


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Well Info
The well logs are available as a separate document.


  • City: Bushnell
  • State/county: Nebraska
  • Zip/Postal Code: 69128
  • Neighborhood: Kimball County
  • Country: United States