Large Machinery Auctions

Lashley Land’s team is comprised of Specialists, each with a unique knowledge base and skill set that all members of our Team can draw from in support of our Clients.

In addition to Adam Marshall’s role as an Associate Broker and Auctioneer with Lashley Land, Adam offers Large Machinery Auctioneer services under his own Company.  Adam Marshall Auctioneers, LLC is a leader in farm and heavy equipment auctions in Central Nebraska. They provide an established, highly visited website for buyers to see your equipment. They provide a full marketing plan to advertise your equipment through a multi-state area through traditional and electronic advertising. They understand the importance of your auction and how it represents your life work. Along with the extensive advertising, they use online simulcast bidding to allow the out-of-state and absentees buyers bid on your equipment. The more bidders you have, the better your results will be. Call Adam Marshall for a no-cost evaluation of your equipment and auction.


Associate Broker and Auctioneer