Diverse Hunting Land For Sale in Nebraska

Lashley Land has listed a beautiful 158.48 acre hunting land for sale in Nebraska. This piece of land is extremely green and has the potential of income along with it. It’s many features are great for the hunter looking to find a secluded getaway in their hunting lease. Many of these features are not only beneficial to you, but beneficial to the wildlife. This keeps the hunting land for sale an optimal location for you and wildlife.


Lay of The Land 

This hunting lease in Dawson County, Nebraska is truly a beautiful piece of land with great wildlife sustainability. The property is extremely green and surrounded by crop ground which provides a great food source for deer and other game in the area. Water sources are also readily available as there are two ponds on the property, keeping game around your new hunting lease in Nebraska. This land is a passing ground for many types of game and gives ample shelter and feed for the animals in the winter.

Available Game In This Hunting Lease

This land for sale in Nebraska is the ideal hunting ground for someone looking for diversity in your trips. This hunting lease has deer (whitetail and Mule), turkey, doves, quail, and pheasant all available regularly. Shelter is available for the deer during harsh winters, and the birds are regularly seen around water during their respective hunting seasons.

Other Benefits

There are numerous other benefits to this Dawson County hunting lease in Nebraska. Other activities available makes this land extremely versatile and beneficial to the buyer.


This land provides great opportunities for the ATV enthusiast as well. Whether you are riding recreationally or using it as transport for your hunting trips, there are great spots and trails for you to maximize the use out of your ATV. This Dawson County hunting lease truly does have opportunity for all.


This land has the potential to also earn the buyer income by way of the crop yields from the many crop fields. Estimations say that you could earn $9500-10500 annually, which could be enough to pay for your hunting trips.

For any questions about this Dawson County Nebraska hunting land for sale, call Lashley Land today!



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