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These center-pivot irrigated quarters are located in in some of the best ground water areas in the State of Nebraska. The Sutherland Reservoir and the canal leading into the Sutherland Reservoir  exert a damming effect on the area ground water aquifir. Pivot-irrigated farm ground in this area is highly coveted by investors because of the long-term interest in ground water and pumping restrictions.

At one time the owner grew alternative crops in the corners of the N1/2 of 4-12-34 and in the SE1/4 corner of the NE1/4 corner.  This in addition to extending more irrigated acres with end guns created additional certified acres.  This is a plus in that if there is a need for more water in the future it will be there.  All of these pivots are located in the Twin Platte Natural Resource District.  Currently there are no restrictions as to numbers of inches pumped in any one season.

Acres                                          Tracts 1       Tract 2       Total

 Pivot Irrigated:                            285.16       132.79       426.06 ±

 Drycrop Corners                          45.54 ±     45.54 ±

Trees, Roads, and Waste             25.31          2.13 ±         27.44

 Total: 499.04 ±

Note: The Seller has leased 2015 crops to an area operator. Said lease is a cash lease. See broker for details.

Well Information:

Tract 1: G-076203 drilled 3.28.1992 to 355’; static water 156’ at drilling; pumping level 186’ at drilling. 800 gpm at drilling. Electric Motor 97 HP.

             G-076202 drilled 3.26.1992 to 365’; static water 158’ at drilling; pumping level 184’ at drilling. 750 gpm at drilling. Electric Motor 82 HP.

             G-152606 drilled 5.5.1992 to 365’; static water 166’ at drilling; pumping level 184’ at drilling. 100 gpm at drilling.

Tract 2: G-063736 drilled 3.5.1980 to 365’; static water 166’ at drilling; pumping level 200’ at drilling. 2,198 gpm at drilling. Electric Motor 61 HP.

Equipment: 3 Zimmatic Pivots, Pumps, Gearheads, and Electric Motors

Twin Platte Natural Resource District Certified Irrigated Acres

Tract 1: 289.72 (Includes 3 corners)

Tract 2: 132.79

Income Potential

Estimated Cash Lease Income

426.06 Pivot Irr. @ $250 = $106,500

  45.54 Drycrop @ $55     =  $2,500

Total Gross Income          = $109,005

Overhead Expenses

Property and Occupational Taxes  = $16,074

Full Replacement Insurance   = $7,500

Maintenance   = $3,000

Total Overhead Expenses = $26,574

Total Net Income:  $82,431  (2.5%) R.O.I.

F.S.A Information             Corn     Soybeans     Wheat

                   Crop:            303.6       3.4               51.1

                   Yield              147


  • City: Paxton
  • State/county: Nebraska
  • Neighborhood: Lincoln County
  • Country: United States

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Land Area: 315.9 Acres


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Land Area: 315.9 Acres


2 months ago